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Gluten-free Road Trip Kitchen Checklist

Wild Alaskan Rose

I thought I would type up a checklist for the gluten-free road trip kitchen to make it simpler to accomplish.

Gluten-free road trip kitchen checklist

  • Large rubber tote– large enough to hold everything, but not so big it won’t fit in your car.
  • Camp stove– you need a heat source of some kind, sometimes we just use our Colman portable propane grill since it has it’s own legs.
  • Pots and pans –don’t go crazy here, all you really need is a frying pan and a small soup pot really.
  • Cooking Utensils –a pair of tongs, a metal fork, a spatula and a sharp knife.
  • Accessories – heavy duty aluminum foil, a small cutting board, hot pads, dish soap, clean cloth, towel, tub or bowl and tablecloth of some kind will make it a much safer prep, cooking and eating space.
  • Disposable dishes –a gallon bag with paper plates, cups and plastic silverware are almost mandatory, with safe dishes on hand. I have been able to eat in situations I shouldn’t have because I had clean utensils. I carry these even when I don’t have my portable kitchen with me.
  • Coffee cup –maybe this one is just me, but again, I’ve at least been able to have a cup of coffee safely to substitute a meal in those moments.
  • Other –it has really been handy to keep a few things along with the dishes. I keep salt and pepper packs with me, as well as a small jar of coconut oil and of course coffee!

I really hope this helps!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!