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Homer, The Cosmic Fishing Hamlet by the Sea

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Homer Alaska is a special place unto itself. It breathes and thrives on it’s own energy generated by the locals, tourists and transients alike.  Here you will smell the ocean mixed with fish combined with the most amazing food aromas you have ever smelled all at once! Here the moods of the ocean and the weather dictate the way you will live your life that day.

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Either view is breathtaking of course! Homer overlooks Kachemak Bay, and some of the most beautiful views on the planet! They change hourly sometimes just to keep it new. Homer is typically cooler and wetter being a maritime community in Alaska. If you choose to visit make sure you come prepared for everything between 80 degrees f and 40 degrees f though, you never quite know what the day will bring.

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Homer’s beaches are all beautiful beyond belief. In the early spring through early summer you can view hundreds of species of shorebirds as well as the year round bounty of sea otters, bald eagles and seals. If you are lucky enough to get out on the water then the chances of seeing one of a few different whale species are good as well.

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Speaking of being on the water, Homer is known as the Halibut fishing capital of the world! At any time during our long Alaskan days you can see folks cleaning their catch at the harbor front fish cleaning stations. You can also fish for salmon and rockfish in the icy waters of Kachemak Bay. There is nothing quite like grilling up some fresh fish tacos on the beach after a long day fishing.

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It’s tough to mention fishing out of Homer without mentioning some of Homer’s very own celebrities. The Hillstrand family have lived there for a long time and you can see the Time Bandit in the harbor during their few downtimes during the year. You may also catch sight of some of the other boats from the Deadliest Catch.  Homer is also home to the reality show Alaska the Last Frontier which follows a family living out east end road living the homesteader lifestyle. I have heard from a friend of mine in Homer that the Kilchers are pretty sweet people.

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Speaking of celebrity, if you find yourself on Homer Spit, stop into the Salty Dawg Saloon. This old lighthouse has been standing guard on the Spit serving decades of salty dawgs coming in off the tumultuous Pacific ocean.  Their adjoining gift shop, The Salty Girls, is where you can buy the iconic Salty Dawg hoodie that nearly every Alaskan owns.  The Blue Urchin and the Alaska Starfish Company are two of my other favorite shops on the Spit. All of them are worth stepping into though.

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Homer is one of those once in a lifetime, magical little towns that you should visit at least once in your life. There is so much to do, see, and eat that you could be busy there all summer long.

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As someone with Celiac with a very food allergic son we don’t get to eat out much. I will recommend the gluten free pizza at the Little Mermaid on the boardwalk by the harbor though, it’s excellent and I have eaten it a few times without issue.

I am also going to recommend three other places on the word of others and knowing the chef personally at two of them. First, Two Sister’s bakery is a must stop, I have never eaten their food, but it is a unanimous resounding yes from anyone who has eaten there. The other two are Fat Olive’s and Maura’s cafe. Again I have never had the pleasure of eating at either, but their chef is a picking buddy of mine and he’s amazing with food. You can see some of his creations on Instagram @big_alaskan_foodie. He is a whiz with local and wild harvest ingredients. So while I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying either establishment, I will recommend them with flying colors, because I have been privileged enough to been fed by Jimbo.

Happy travels!! Maybe you will see me in Homer.

Hawaii, as promised!


Aloha!! Last spring we spent two wonderful weeks in Hawaii enjoying friends, sunshine and the best nature Hawaii has to offer. Here are a few of the chameleons my boys found at our friend George’s house. They did so much searching that George said they showed him more of them than he has seen in the 20 years he has lived there.


Another huge highlight for me was the flowers! Things were still gray and dreary when we left Alaska, so they were a welcome sight.


Here I am sitting on Mark Twain’s bench at Pu’uohonua O Honaunau, or Place of Refuge.


This is the biggest fiddlehead I have ever seen in my life! It was bigger than mine and my husband’s heads combined.


What did I say? Here are more flowers! This is the Ohi’a tree which bears the Lehua blossom. Hawaiian legend is that Pele and Ohi’a were both in love with Lehua. Lehua loved Ohi’a though which made Pele very jealous. She was pretty temperamental being the goddess of fire. So she decided to let them have their way and turned them into a tree, Ohi’a, and a flower, Lehua. So now they can be together but only when the tree is in bloom. it is a sacred tree to the Hawaiian people.

IMG_0935 IMG_0941

This is at Akaka falls state park. The tall waterfall is Akaka falls itself.

IMG_1119 IMG_1156

What is Hawaii without a little beach time?


Halemaumau crater in Volcanoes National park as seen from the Jagger museum.


A beautiful sunset for a beautiful trip.  We didn’t go out to eat so I have no reviews to make. We simply did what we do at home and wandered to our hearts content. we sustained ourselves with fruit, meats, cheeses and mac nuts. We cooked simple meals at the home of our friends or the condo that we rented. that also serves the side purpose of making the trip cheaper and healthier!  Wander away friends!


Super Bowl Sunday!


I know we have a week before the Super Bowl, but my husband is an avid Broncos fan and I have some things to do, haha! I thought I would share our little menu for the day.

Moose Chile Verde:

Two small moose roasts, browned and seasoned placed into the crockpot on high, add in some of last years garden onions, add lots of garlic, salt, pepper and other seasonings of choice, pour in two jars of homemade green chile verde sauce, add one small jar of homemade bone broth or veggie broth (I’m not sure which I have left in the small jars ) simmer until cooked through and shreddable

Pile of warmed and slightly browned corn tortillas

Bacon and Cream Cheese Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers

Remove the tops of the peppers, slice in half lengthways, place a spoonful of filling on each pepper half and place in a 400f degree oven for ten minutes or until bubbly, filling is cream cheese with crispy bacon stirred in.

Woodchuck Amber Cider, gluten-free of course, for the adults and some warm homemade spiced crabapple cider for the boys.

I have to credit the idea of the moose verde to a fellow Alaskan on the net, whom will remain unnamed, but I would like to extend my thanks anyway!


A Sneak Peek!

Kenai mountains
Kenai mountains

Join me on my adventures this year! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the places we will go!

In the woods
In the woods

We will be hiking,  fishing, beach combing and so much more!

Homer Harbor

Let me guide you around the state of Alaska, gluten-free!!

Mt. Redoubt Vocano in the sunset
Mt. Redoubt Volcano in the sunset

Please feel free to suggest any adventures that you might like to experience, from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks for stopping by!

Now for the Wandering


I would like to invite you on my journey! If you can’t leave home, and would like to trample through the woods, hike through the tundra, and glide across the ocean then come with me!


We all know it’s tough to feed our celiac and food allergic selves outside of our homes. Most, if not all of us, have been glutened at one point or another. Many have also had to comfort an ill child on the road. All of the factors above contribute to just wanting to stay in our safe bubbles at times. We deserve better! Our kids deserve to explore the world as freely as any other healthy child!


Some days I can’t leave my couch or make it far from my bathroom thanks to a tiny little protein called gluten. However, when life is good, life is really good! Join me while I continue my wanderings, gluten-free!

Seward Highway

Gluten-free Road Trip Kitchen Checklist

Wild Alaskan Rose

I thought I would type up a checklist for the gluten-free road trip kitchen to make it simpler to accomplish.

Gluten-free road trip kitchen checklist

  • Large rubber tote– large enough to hold everything, but not so big it won’t fit in your car.
  • Camp stove– you need a heat source of some kind, sometimes we just use our Colman portable propane grill since it has it’s own legs.
  • Pots and pans –don’t go crazy here, all you really need is a frying pan and a small soup pot really.
  • Cooking Utensils –a pair of tongs, a metal fork, a spatula and a sharp knife.
  • Accessories – heavy duty aluminum foil, a small cutting board, hot pads, dish soap, clean cloth, towel, tub or bowl and tablecloth of some kind will make it a much safer prep, cooking and eating space.
  • Disposable dishes –a gallon bag with paper plates, cups and plastic silverware are almost mandatory, with safe dishes on hand. I have been able to eat in situations I shouldn’t have because I had clean utensils. I carry these even when I don’t have my portable kitchen with me.
  • Coffee cup –maybe this one is just me, but again, I’ve at least been able to have a cup of coffee safely to substitute a meal in those moments.
  • Other –it has really been handy to keep a few things along with the dishes. I keep salt and pepper packs with me, as well as a small jar of coconut oil and of course coffee!

I really hope this helps!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

The Wandering Celiac: An Introduction

Siberian Iris
Hi! I’m new at this please be gentle!

My name is Jenni and I am a wanderer at heart. I am wife to the most patient wonderful husband in the world, mom to the most awesome rambunctious boys ever and I have celiac disease. My oldest son also has food allergies to eggs, soy and peanuts.

When I was first diagnosed a little over two years ago I was lucky if I didn’t get myself sick in my own kitchen. Then we were set back to relearning how to cook when my son was diagnosed. It was a hard-fought battle and though there are still accidents, they are few and far between.

Being a wanderer at heart it wasn’t long before my feet got itchy again, haha, as soon as summer set in that first year really. Then the task of feeding myself and my family safely got more interesting. There are countless gluten-free and food allergy resources on the net. Finding solid information beyond the traditional travel advice of “eat a salad” was another story.

We live in Alaska and love to explore her nooks and crannies. More often than not we are lucky to see a restaurant, let alone one with gluten, soy, egg and peanut free options. Gone were the easy days of sandwiches and peanut butter crackers. Even with gluten-free bread options, finding one made without egg or soy has yet to happen.

There were days that we spent ten hours on the ocean surviving on Barney Butter packets, fruit leather and juice boxes. It was difficult walking past the smells of real food while we loaded the boat, knowing we had another hour and a half before we made it home. Then it was time to split forces and cook dinner while my husband cleaned fish.

We have made some progress in more pleasantly feeding the family while continuing our wanderings. Traveling is only getting easier as the kids get older, I’m not about to stop exploring now. From rough camping to nice hotels and everywhere in between we have fed ourselves warm meals now. Hopefully my trials and tribulations with food allergies, celiac disease and itchy feet will help someone else trying to stay healthy on the road! Thanks for joining me on this newest journey.

Simple Allergy Friendly Travel foods

Kachemak Bay, Alaska
Kachemak Bay, Alaska
Traveling with celiac and food allergies can be daunting, and hunger inducing. I have good news for you! It can be fun and fulfilling, and filling as well. Some of our favorite travel standbys include, fruit leather strips and Barney Butter almond butter packets. They both taste good and can fit in your wallet. I keep some of both with me at all times.

Enjoy Life foods make some very tasty snack bars, and they are free of all of the top eight most common food allergens. We rely on this company around my house, they make the best cookies we have found too. Juice boxes, milk cartons and water bottles are always a must. Fresh fruits and some pre prepped fresh veggies are always a hit, as well as cheeses and meats, if you can have dairy.

I try to pack us some kind of snack when we leave the house, and a nicer picnic if we will be gone for half a day or more. Being so limited on options it helps to always have tasty food at hand. Nobody feels left out, grumpy from hunger or frustrated by having little to no choice on what to eat. We have more fun and it makes it easier to be more spontaneous again to have some of these little lifesavers on hand at home.

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I am not paid or given products by any companies. I simply rely on these particular products.