Easy Gluten-Free Grab and Go Foods

Winter at the lake

Sometimes it’s a beautiful day and you just want to jump in the car or lace up your boots and take off somewhere.  Then you pause and realize that  there are no food options for you where you want to go.  Instead of squashing your desire for an adventure, just grab a few things from your pantry and off you go!

There are a few items that I try to keep on hand as good grab and go snacks.

  • Barney Butter almond butter packets, they are the perfect unrefrigerated protein source that fits right in your pocket.
  • Stretch Island Fruit Co fruit leather strips, I buy them by the 48 box. They will fit right next to the Barney Butters and give you healthy carb boost.
  • Boxes of raisins, the great old standby.
  • Oberto beef jerky  is the brand we use because it’s gluten and soy free.  Check and make sure it’s the original if you can’t have soy either.
  • Enjoy Life bars, the come in a few good flavors to change it up and they are free of all eight top allergens!
  • Vans Say Cheese cracker pouches ,these are a little more fragile, but are great for a longer road trip or a day on the boat to get some grains in the mix.
  • Yum Earth treats, I try to always keep a handful of their vitamin c lollipops in my backpack as a quick pick me up and a treat for the boys.
  • Fresh Fruits, apples, bananas, and oranges travel well as do grapes. If you’re going out on the boat though, Never take a banana, don’t ask, hahahahaha!
  • Pre Cut Veggies, of any kind you like!
  • Cheese Sticks, or the little rectangles of cheddar that Land O Lakes is putting out in a bag, my oldest son prefers the cheddar over the mozzarella.
  • 100% juices
  • water bottles

I have discovered just keeping a few of these items on hand has made life so much smoother. I don’t even have to put my go kitchen in the car this way. I’m not scrambling to cook a meal that we will need to eat eight hours later either! I do so love my crockpot for that instead now, but that’s another post.  😉


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