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Alaskan Summer Days, Happy Independence Day!!


Alaskan summers are magical things. They are fleeting, and yet they will imprint you with the most lasting memories of your lifetime. Whether you are a local or a visitor, you will experience things here that can only exist here in this wonderful season of madness! Alaska summers are also manic. They will love you until you have nothing left and leave you to sleep it off until the following spring.  For those lucky enough to get to understand this, cheers! For those who are curious, let me share it with you here as best as I can.


I will try my best to post as much as possible, and I have a few adventures to catch you up on. It is now July though, and July means fish! I am filling up the smoker tomorrow and we will be filling the freezers all month. I knew I had to post this on this gift of a dreary day before an exciting weekend.


So enjoy the campfire smoke and fish scales! Alaskan summer is in full swing! Go out and play, find a trail, walk a beach! Do something to bring you closer to nature and don’t forget to brink snacks and water so there is no disappointment at the end of a long wonderful day. Even the best days can be tainted by hunger.


So with all of the Alaska love I have to offer, Have a happy fun and safe Independence weekend!


Welcome summer!


Summer is in full busy swing in Alaska! The midnight sun is shining and the fish are running! It has been an exciting summer so far in our home.

I would like to challenge our very few readers to share your own summer adventures with us! I know we aren’t the only wanderers out there! Share your stories and photos with us!

I can also now be found on Facebook! Follow my adventures more readily there. Enjoy the summer and stay fueled!



The Wandering Celiac: An Introduction

Siberian Iris
Hi! I’m new at this please be gentle!

My name is Jenni and I am a wanderer at heart. I am wife to the most patient wonderful husband in the world, mom to the most awesome rambunctious boys ever and I have celiac disease. My oldest son also has food allergies to eggs, soy and peanuts.

When I was first diagnosed a little over two years ago I was lucky if I didn’t get myself sick in my own kitchen. Then we were set back to relearning how to cook when my son was diagnosed. It was a hard-fought battle and though there are still accidents, they are few and far between.

Being a wanderer at heart it wasn’t long before my feet got itchy again, haha, as soon as summer set in that first year really. Then the task of feeding myself and my family safely got more interesting. There are countless gluten-free and food allergy resources on the net. Finding solid information beyond the traditional travel advice of “eat a salad” was another story.

We live in Alaska and love to explore her nooks and crannies. More often than not we are lucky to see a restaurant, let alone one with gluten, soy, egg and peanut free options. Gone were the easy days of sandwiches and peanut butter crackers. Even with gluten-free bread options, finding one made without egg or soy has yet to happen.

There were days that we spent ten hours on the ocean surviving on Barney Butter packets, fruit leather and juice boxes. It was difficult walking past the smells of real food while we loaded the boat, knowing we had another hour and a half before we made it home. Then it was time to split forces and cook dinner while my husband cleaned fish.

We have made some progress in more pleasantly feeding the family while continuing our wanderings. Traveling is only getting easier as the kids get older, I’m not about to stop exploring now. From rough camping to nice hotels and everywhere in between we have fed ourselves warm meals now. Hopefully my trials and tribulations with food allergies, celiac disease and itchy feet will help someone else trying to stay healthy on the road! Thanks for joining me on this newest journey.