The Big Island of Hawaii


Hawaii is an exceptionaly beautiful place!We recently returned from a much needed two weeks in Paradise. My husband and I got married there over 11 years ago, barefoot, on a beautiful walk in beach. We also have some lovely friends there that we got to spend good quality time with. It is good for the soul to be in paradise around people who love and care for you. Here are a few flowers from my friend’s house!


We didn’t spend much time on the town or at most of the normal tourist places, instead we wandered freely visiting and beach hopping. I do recommend the green sand beach at South Point. We went with our friend, but you can also make the hike in or hire one of several people at the trailhead to take you in. I am by no means against a good hike, but this one is very dusty. The beach is beautiful though and well worth the adventure, no matter how you get there.

We did not go out to eat once.  Instead we chose to survive on easy made meals at our friends’ home and the condo we rented. We had fish tacos several times. It was one of the main gluten free offerings at the restaurants anyway. We also had a few halibut fillets that we brought to share.  It was a surefire way to stay safe and save money. We carried lunchmeat and cheese with us, fruit and other things too, everywhere we went.  Water is essential, in copious amounts. Larabars and Barney butters were also great hiking fuel!

Now, you will have to forgive me! It is a glorious day outside and I have a garden to plant. I was hoping to add a few more images, but I seem to be having issues with them at the moment. I will work on those issues and provide a post full of Hawaii images! You can also follow me on twitter or instagram @thewanderingceliac. The season is picking up fast and early this year! Look for new Alaska posts to be up soon!